Important Update V2

Mr Luke had conFirmed that the following chapters will be in the test

Chapter 1, Data representation
Chapter 2, IP Addressing
Chapter 10, SQL and relational database
Chapter 11, 1D & 2D arrays
(in pseudocode and python, no flow chart)

The EOS examination is responsible for 35% of your semester report grade. You will receive 1 paper in the exam, which, is a combination of 9608 paper 1 and 2.

The exam will cover EVERYTHING you have learnt this semester. Here’s an overview. Click into the post for our detailed notes.

Good luck on your EOS!

Paper1: Fundamental Theory

Paper 2: Fundamental Programing skills

Chapter 11: Algorithm design and problem solving

You should know these programing concepts:

  • Sequence
  • Selection
  • Iteration
  • Variables

And use it in following languages:

  • Pseudocode
  • Python
  • Flowchart


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